Let's Get Started

You will be programming the BrainPad to play a sound. This is the very first step towards changing your future. So go on, plug the BrainPad to your computer and follow the steps below.

First Build The Program

Go to https://makecode.brainpad.com/ and start a new project. Click on the music tab and select the "play sound power up" block. Now drag it into the green "on start" block on the main screen.

Your computer will now generate a sound through the BrainPad simulator. You are now in charge of the buzzer.

Then Connect The BrainPad

Press and hold the reset button for 3 seconds. The LightBulb will turn green.

This step activates the BrainPad “loader”, which is used to load a program onto the BrainPad. Your PC will now detect a new drive, called BrainPad.

Finally Download The Program

Click download and save the file on the “BrainPad drive”. The Green light will flash for a moment and the BrainPad will make the same sound you heard on the computer earlier.

Getting Started Guide

This free ebook is an excellent starting point for users who want to Start Making or Go Beyond with the BrainPad.

English: PDF - DOC
French: PDF - DOC
Spanish: PDF - DOC
German: PDF - DOC
Russian: PDF - DOC
Ukrainian: PDF - DOC

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