Why should I be a sponsor?

Sense of Community
Connecting students with other students will give them a sense of belonging as well as building their confidence motivating them to go out into their community and simply make things better.
Training for the Community
We will provide *onsite training to the students and educators in your community. You will be able to see the benefits of STEM/STEAM education directly in your community.
* Depending on location, additional travel fees may be required. Contact us for more details.
Exposure to the Community
Exposure, and promotional opportunities to students (and future engineers) interested in STEM through our promotional materials including newsletters and BrainPad based STEM/STEAM events.
Marketing to the Community
Branding as a progressive, forward-thinking institution committed to closing the STEM gap. Based on sponsorship level you will even be provided the opportunity to personalize the marketing experience by *adding your logo message directly to the BrainPad.
* We created an area on the BrainPad specifically for you to show off who you are. Contact us for more details.

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Silver Sponsors

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