More Than a Manufacturer, We Are Your Partner in Education.

From custom BrainPads, kits for your local robotics club and everything in between. We have you covered.

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Branding as a progressive, forward-thinking institution committed to closing the STEM gap. Based on a sponsorship level you will even be provided the opportunity to personalize the marketing experience by *adding your logo message directly to your BrainPad.

Customized BrainPad Kits

Use your imagination for envisioning the perfect kit to make coding as fun for others as it is for you, and we can make that a reality. Allowing our coders to utilize different ways of learning, will supercharge the concept, “Hands on, Minds on”.

Custom BrainPad

Love using our BrainPad, but wish it was a different color, had different components, customized buttons, and more… We CAN do it!