The all-new BrainPad Arcade

Learning programming in STEM is essential. Thanks to Microsoft MakeCode Arcade, you can learn to program while you build games. But what if you want to run the same games on a handheld console? For that we are introducing the BrainPad Arcade by GHI Electronics.

We have been working with the creative Microsoft MakeCode team for several months on bringing you an excellent complement to Microsoft MakeCode Arcade. We are currently in beta testing and only offering the BrainPad Arcade to close partners.

You can get up close and personal with the BrainPad Arcade as you touch the actual circuit, dress it up in your style, or get creative and make your own enclosure out of cardboard or even 3D print one.

You get all of the following on the BrainPad Arcade:

  • STM32F401 Cortex-M4 microcontroller
  • 1.8" 160x128 display
  • Buzzer speaker
  • Eight user buttons

We're opening preorders soon. Add your email to the list below to receive an update once we're ready! Meanwhile, start using Microsoft MakeCode Arcade today.

Can't wait? Try the classic BrainPad today. Start programming here and learn more about it here.