Getting Started

The BrainPad is programed with a professionally well-known software development tool from Microsoft, called Visual Studio. Even the free community edition is supported and recommended. The magic happens through a little operating system running inside the BrainPad, called TinyCLR OS.

The programming languages supported are Visual C# and Visual Basic, both are modern .NET programming languages. Unlike many of the currently available educational circuits and programming options, the BrainPad is programmed very similarly to how applications on phones and PCs are programmed. Students will carry the same knowledge beyond the BrainPad, possibly becoming professional developers.

Setting up a system is as easy as:

  1. Install Microsoft’s Visual Studio Community 2017, it’s the free edition.
  2. Install GHI Electronics’ TinyCLR OS extension.
  3. Done! Now you can build your first project.

Starting a new project is as easy as:

    Open Visual Studio.

  1. Click File->New ->Project
    Starting New Project

  2. From under Visual C# or Visual Basic, select TinyCLR -> BrainPad application
    Start BrainPad Application

  3. Click “Start” to send the default program to your BrainPad
    Click Start

Getting Started Video

Monkey Touching Brain


You are now on your way to becoming a world-class developer. We have built curriculum and related courses just for you!