Adopt A Bot

Ages 6 and up

Child Learning

Are you interested in how things work? After years of development, and over 400 students taught, The BrainPad™ has been developed to teach you just that. This ultimate STEAM toy uses the programming language of professionals to teach you all about inputs, outputs and the computing done in between.

Introductory Course

Our introductory course, Adopt-A-Bot, was designed to teach people of all ages the basics of coding. Using the BrainPad™, a basic chassis kit, and a computer loaded with the proper software, you will make your robot dance!

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Robot and Boy


Fee: $50 includes all materials needed to build your robot

Wheels (3)
Servo Motors (2)
Battery Pack


Seating is very limited so reserve your spot today!
Ages 6 and up
Under 13 must have parent accompanying them
Children 13 and up need a parent photo release form
* All students must bring a USB flash drive
(2MB of free space required)

Monkey Building Bot