Start Making

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Try before you buy!

Microsoft's MakeCode allows you to drag and drop blocks to create programs while seeing the results on a simulation of the BrainPad.

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Using Blocks to Program

New to programming? By leveraging Microsoft's MakeCode, a browser-based editor, the BrainPad is perfect starting point in your pathway to learn to code.

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Using Text to Program

MakeCode also has a JavaScript program editor. When you change your block program MakeCode changes your text (JavaScipt) program for you. Changes made to the text program will automatically show up as changes to your block program.

Now that you are ready to start your making career with the BrainPad.
Check out the BrainPad documentation by clicking the link below.

Start Making Documentation

Going Beyond

You can always Start Making with MakeCode. Once you feel ready, you can have the option of coding in a true professional programming environment using Microsoft Visual Studio!

Go Beyond

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