One STEM/STEAM solution for all ages…

There is nothing to wire, and nothing to break. Yet, the BrainPad scales from the entry-level student who is excited to blink a light or make some noises on the buzzer to mid-level students that can add logic to control an output depending on an input state. Advanced-level students can expand the BrainPad with external sensors and controllers.


Transforming the STEAM Classroom Experience

Engage students in hands-on activities, projects, and problems; empower them to solve real-world challenges


Science comes to life with the BrainPad. How about wrapping the BrainPad with different type of insulation materials and sticking it in a freezer? This just one of the endless possibilities on making science a fun experience.


Technology is everything we do. A better technological background for students will help them in all areas. Starting with the BrainPad itself as a technological tool to help them in everything STEM/STEAM.


Engineering is fun and interesting with the BrainPad. In this example video, we cover motors, specifically stepper motors. Students will not only learn the concept, they will also enjoy a hands-on experience into a real-life-engineering from day one.


Art has a new look and feel with the BrainPad. Generate tones and learn about the relation between frequencies and notes. Visual art is yet taken to a new level by combining math and art to excite students about the beauty of mathematical equations.


Math is one of the most important fields, no matter what your profession will become. However, students always ask “why are we learning this?”. This is where the BrainPad becomes handy and shows them how math solves real life problems. How about a ball dropping? How does it bounce and how does it come to stop? Students can change parameters, like friction and elasticity to change the behavior and observe the math behind it.

Giving Teachers the Resources they Really Need

We also provide teachers with the resources and support they need to create engaging curriculum; facilitating students in real-world learning.

Watch the video and listen to what Bob Smitka of the Roseville Science & Engineering Team (REST) and his students have to say about their BrainPad STEM/STEAM experience.

How the BrainPad Works

Input Process Output, is an intuitive 3 step pathway; allowing students to immediately see the results of their code.

Learn to code like a professional

Develop using Visual Studio with C# Visual Basic

The BrainPad is programmed using Microsoft’s Visual Studio, the most popular development environment used by professionals.

I’m ready to code

Visual Studio On PC

Monkey working on PC

Not A Programmer?
Not A Problem!

If you aren’t a programmer, BrainPad has you covered with pre-designed STEM/STEAM software that you simply download and then teach!

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Brainpad Sponsor Opportunities

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Our sponsors are not just partners for the BrainPad. Instead they are community partners and are needed to fuel this project.